Self Inking Stamps

Your name and address? Your company’s? Are you tired of writing the same information on the same forms for the same people?

Printy Self-inking Stamps won’t get your hands messy like old fashioned rubber stamps and ink pads did, and the impressions are clean and accurate everytime!

Why choose Printy self inking stamps:

  • Can be re-inked for even more impressions
  • Full-size visible index label
  • Button Lock holds stamp in position for quick ink pad changes
  • No-slip rubber base keeps stamp from sliding for precise imprint positioning
  • Sliding ink cartridges make changing pads simple
  • Five colors of ink are available: Black, Red, Blue, Purple & Green

Printy Self-Inking Stamps are perfect for home, school, office, factory and more!



rubber hand stamp on ink pad

Traditional rubber “hand” stamps also available!